Al Rashaqa Massage Center Services

Al Rashaqa Spa in Oud Metha offer best wide range of luxurious massage services in Dubai near Lamcy Plaza mall at Great price, luxurious environment with relaxing music

Why Al Rashaqa Massage Services?

Al Rashaqa Spa offers the best massage services in Dubai, when you visit you will look at our massage services menu at our massage center which help you expel toxins and restore harmony between the body organs. We provide you with the perfect health and opportunity to remove stress from your mind and enjoy life as close as possible to Lamcy Plaza mall

Our Massage center ladies offer top massage services near Bur Dubai with the best price for massage services with luxurious massage services in a quiet and comfortable interior with fragrances that allow you to fully relax at Oud Metha.

We strive through the best dentists in Dubai to answer all your questions to meet your needs and to use them in any massage service you need in the next times in Fitness Spa. If you would like to know more about massage services and the techniques we offer at Bur Dubai. Contact us and book your massage . Let us care about the rest for you.

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Oil Massage Service

Al Rashaqa Spa in Oud Metha offer best Oil Massage Service in Bur Dubai, near Lamcy Plaza we have many different types of massage oils which give relaxation to the body

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Reflexology Massage Service Spa

Al Rashaqa Spa in Oud Metha Offer a foot massage and reflexology service in Bur Dubai that focuses on locating different reflex areas in the hands and feet

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Hot Stone Massage Service

Al Rashaqa Spa in Bur Dubai offers A Stone massage in Oud Metha which a massage that uses smooth, flat, and heated rocks placed at key points on the body

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Four Hands Massage Service

At Al Rashaqa Spa in Oud Metha we can double the effect of a usual treatment to ease your body by two professional therapists in Bur Dubai near Lamcy Plaza

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Deep Tissue Massage Service

Visit Al Rashaqa Spa near Lamcy Plaza and enjoy a deep tissue massage Service in Bur Dubai - Oud Metha Area and improve blood flow and flexibility in your body

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Aromatherapy Massage Service

Al Rashaqa Spa in Bur Dubai offer massage with essential oils which are usually inhaled or applied on the body near Lamcy Plaza to increased healing power

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Moroccan Bath

Get relaxation time in Bur Dubai, Visit Al Rashaqa Best Spa & Massage Center in Oud Metha and try Moroccan Bath near Lamcy Plaza for gents - ladies

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Our VIP Jacuzzi in Oud Metha at Al Rashaqa Spa in Bur Dubai is Best Choice you can take to give yourself relaxation – renewal – vitality and healing

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